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  Cart Coordination  
      Cart coordination consists of interfacing an Owner’s new or existing carts with Courion’s CART-MATIC© Cartlift System. A COURION CART COUPLER is REQUIRED on each new or existing cart. The COURION CART COUPLER is attached beneath the cart for coupling with the CART-MATIC transfer device during the load and unload cycle.  
  • The distance from floor to underside of Cart is to be no less than
    6-3/8" (16mm).

  • The distance from floor to underside of the CART COUPLER is to be
    4-3/4" (12mm).
  Cart Requirements  
  • Carts for the CART-MATIC© Cart System must be furnished with straight, continuous, parallel bumpers along each side.

  • The cart body or items attached to the cart body must be a minimum of ½” (13mm) inboard from the Cart Bumpers.

  • The cart casters must be 5" or 6" in diameter. Two (2) of the casters should swivel and two (2) should be rigid.
  Cart Dimensions  
      Although sizes of carts and containers may vary according to material handling requirements, Courion recommends the following minimum/maximum cart sizes for the CART-MATIC© Cart System. Larger or smaller carts can be accommodated. Please contact Courion for additional information.  
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