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CART-MATIC Transfer Unit

Courion’s CART-MATIC© Transfer Unit is designed to load and eject carts consistently and automatically. After the entrance doors and car gate open, the CART-MATIC© Transfer Unit’s telescoping assembly extends past the opening and mechanically couples to the underside of the cart. The cart is then automatically pulled into the car and transported to the designated Receiving Floor. Upon arrival, the cart is automatically ejected and the car is ready for its next load.

Talk about saving on manpower! Courion’s CART-MATIC© Transfer
Unit eliminates the need for an employee to manually transport a
cart from the Service Floor to the Receiving Floor, SAVING THE

  Car Enclosure

Courion’s CART-MATIC© car enclosure consists of #16 gauge, #304 stainless steel, #4 finish, with a recessed light fixture. A structural steel reinforced platform is integral with the car enclosure.

All Courion CART-MATIC© car enclosures are fabricated to allow for easy clean-out. There are no unnecessary seams or pockets for dirt to hide. In addition, each car enclosure is factory prepared to receive Courion’s CART-MATIC© entrance doors and car gate, cart guidance roller system, cart sensors, and Courion’s CART-MATIC© Transfer Unit.

  Entrance Doors and Car Gate

Courion’s CART-MATIC© hoistway entrance units are completely factory assembled and consist of bi- parting roomside stainless steel insulated doors, guides, and entrance frame. Sills on the Courion CART-MATIC©
hoistway entrances have recessed cart caster dimples to receive carts. Door jambs are equipped with cart guidance roller assemblies to help guide the cart into the car enclosure.

Courion entrances bear a 1-1/2 hour Underwriters Labratory “B”
label and can be used with either drywall or masonry wall construction.

  Cart Guidance System Courion’s Cart Guidance System starts with the cart caster dimples in the entrance sill plates, moves to the jamb roller guides, and ends with the cart roller assemblies on the side walls of the car enclosure. All are designed to coordinate with one another to insure the consistent and automatic loading and unloading of the material carts.  
  Door Protection

All Courion CART-MATIC© hoistway entrances are protected by the Courion CARE Automatic Reversing Edge which is attached between the hoistway entrance doors and car gate. The Courion CARE Automatic Reversing
Edge is a non-contact light curtain that fills the opening with infra-red light beams. The CARE is an effective solution for reducing damage caused by the movement of the cart.

Courion’s CARE Unit is easy to install and can be added to almost any existing automatic or manual cart system.

  CART-MATIC Controller Courion’s CART-MATIC© Door and Transfer Unit Control is built around an industry proven programmable PLC. Each Courion Controller is customized to your facility’s unique operational procedures. Courion’s controller provides the “smarts” to fully operate the doors, transfer unit, and other
operations needed for proper performance of the Courion CART-MATIC© Cart System.
Lobby Full Sensors prevent cart gridlock. Courion’s CART-MATIC© Cart System utilizes information from the Lobby Full Sensors to determine whether there is adequate space at the destination floor for the dispatched cart. If the Lobby Full Sensors indicate sufficient room, the dispatched cart is automatically ejected. On the other hand, if the Lobby Full Sensors indicate that the destination floor is full, a Lobby Full warning is sounded and the cart will not be ejected until the condition is remedied.  
Courion’s Cart ON Sensors ensure that the CART-MATIC© Cart System runs efficiently and with the maximum payload. When a dispatch or return call is registered, the Cart ON Sensors will prevent the lift from leaving the designated floor until the cart is on board and ready for travel.
Courion’s Cart READY Sensors perform two important tasks. First, they reduce cart loading problems by indicating to the users that the cart has been properly positioned and is “READY” for dispatch or return. Second, the Cart READY sensors may be set up to act as the automatic call button for the CART-MATIC© Cart System.
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