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Courion's new iLEARN Door Controller is now standard on most new power operated freight elevator door packages.

Small. Courion's iLEARN Door Control measures 5" x 8" x 2". Because of its small size, the iLEARN can be mounted inside most Elevator Controls.

Self-Adjusting. The iLEARN automatically adjusts your hoistway doors and car gate during every cycle to ensure the smooth and quiet performance of your Courion equipment.

Closed Loop. The iLEARN continually monitors the position of the hoistway doors and car gates without the use of yo-yo string pots or other mechanical devices.

Memory. The iLEARN collects and records door and car gate operational data. This information can be viewed by the field mechanic on the iLEARN display, or can be downloaded via the integrated USB port.

  iLEARN Door Control          
  Elevator Control Integration          

Courion, in partnership with many of the Elevator Control Manufactures, has the ability to incorporate the iLEARN Door Control into the Elevator Control prior to shipment to the job site.

This eliminates the need for control-to-control interconnection wiring by the field mechanic.

Courion iLEARN Integration  

From 1995 to 2008, Courion's MP Control set the standard by which all other freight elevator door controls were judged. It is still used today for freight elevator door installations which are not suitable for the iLEARN Door Control System.

Microprocessor Based. A freight door control built around an industry proven, on-board microprocessor.

Field Proven. Circuitry and components that are guaranteed reliable and dependable.

Superior Solid-State Motor Control. Courion's new MP Control reduces overheating and extends the life of your door motors.

No more potentiometers. All adjustments are made from a simple-to-use keypad and display.

100% Factory Tested. Courion's quality control guarantees quality and reliability.

MP Door Control
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  • Fire Service

  • Constant Pressure Close or Momentary Pressure

  • Passenger Sequence Operation

  • Reversing Edge on Car Gate and CARE Automatic Reversing Edge Light Curtain.
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