Maintenance and Adjustment  

Maintenance is the process of routine examination, lubrication, cleaning, adjustment, and replacement of parts for the purpose of ensuring performance in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and applicable Code requirements. Where any alteration, replacement of parts, repair or maintenance is made, it should not diminish the level of safety which existed prior to the change.

COURION freight door and car gate equipment should receive the same maintenance as the balance of the elevator equipment. More frequent maintenance may be necessary where doors are subject to high wear or corrosive effects of dust, abrasives, moisture, grease, chemicals, abnormal temperatures, or other conditions.

A complete guide to the maintenance and adjustment of your COURION equipment can be found in COURION's Maintenance and Adjustment Manual.


CARE Automatic Reversing Edge

Make a periodic inspection of the light curtain Transmitter/Receiver Edges and power supply. Replace the CARE if damaged or if not fully operational. Check the CARE power cables for wear; replace if any frayed conditions are obvious.

With the Edges connected and the CARE Control Box powered up, a GREEN LED indicates that power is present. The RED LED indicates that the system has identified an obstruction and the relay has dropped out.

COURION’s CARE Reversing Edge is recommended in addition to the Gate Reversing Edge. The CARE can be added to almost any existing Car Gate. Call COURION at 314-533-5700 for additional information.


Hoistway Door Safety Meeting Rail

The upper door panel has two bumpers and a safety astragal. The bumpers are located at each end of the safety meeting rail along the lower edge of the upper panel. These bumpers are vital to sustaining door performance and useful life. Rubber bumpers and the safety meeting rail will deteriorate. They should be periodically inspected and refastened or replaced as necessary. After any astragal replacement, check that the Safety Meeting Rail seals the gap between the upper and lower door panel in the full closed position.


Gate Safety Reversing Edge

The leading edge of a Car Gate is equipped with a Gate Reversing Edge. In the event that the gate lands on an obstruction in the closing direction, the Gate Reversing Edge causes the gate and hoistway doors to reverse direction and return to the FULL OPEN position.

Frequently check that the Gate Reversing Edge functions correctly when physical contact is made all along the reversing edge. Replace the Reversing Edge and/or rubber bumper if damaged or if not fully operational. Check the reversing edge power-travel cable for wear; replace if any frayed conditions are obvious.

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