iLEAR Door Control  
iLEARN Door Control

ILEARN Door Control


Self-Adjusting. The iLEARN automatically adjusts your hoistway doors and car gates. From the initial setup to the ongoing operation of your equipment, the iLEARN Door Control makes adjustments to ensure the smooth and quiet performance of your Courion equipment.

Closed Loop. The iLEARNControl continually monitors the position of the hoistway doors and car gates without the use of yo-yo string pots or other mechanical devices.

Memory. The iLEARN Door Control collects and records door and car gate operational data. This information can be viewed by the field mechanic on the iLEARN display, or can be downloaded via the integrated USB port.

Small. Courion's iLEARN Door Control measures 5" x 8" x 2". Because of its small size, the iLEARN Door Control can be mounted inside most Elevator Controls cabinets.

Courion Part # 01-715000
Part Identification
Part Number
Part Description
iLEARN Door Control

iLEARN Door Control

WHEN USED: All Courion Freight Door installations utilizing Courion's Next Generation iSYSTEM.

Includes iLEARN Door Control, control cabinet, and wiring terminal strip.



  iDRIVE VFD Control   01-710000

iDRIVE VFD Door Control

Courion's iLEARN Door Control requires an iDRIVE VFD Door Control at each floor.

  iDRIVE.G VFD Gate Control   01-725000

iDRIVE.g VFD Gate Control

Courion's iLEARN Door Control requires an iDRIVE.g VFD Gate Control at each Car Gate

  iLEARN Control Sub Assemblies  
Part Identification
Part Number
Part Description
iDRIVE VFD Door Contol

iDRIVE VFD Motor Control

Picture not availabie


Control Cabinet - 12" x 16" x 7"  
Fuse - 1A  
  iDRIVE.g VFD Control   90-710500 iDRIVE.g Gate VFD Control  
  iDRIVE.g Expansion Module   90-710600 iDRIVE.g Gate Expansion Module  
iLEARN Door Control
iLEARN Door Control - without cabinet  
Terminal Block

Fuse Terminal Block



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